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Aoiko Summers, first grade Lieutenant and daughter of the Supreme Chancellor to the United Republics of Earth, was a military genius n top naval strategist for the Warship known as The Odyssey. Under her commanding officer, Kaneko, she would begin her climb through the ranks, within the most treasonous environment, a Stellar War. With human advancement still not at its peak as of yet, she reaches out blindly into the vast darkness of space, where its cold and even more unforgiving. Upon their beginning of space travel, they have deemed all first contact with foreign species of intelligence, hostile until proven otherwise.

The year was 2179, galactic communication was just in its beginning, Humanity was not alone... There were those who were afraid of who would be outside their solar system, and even off their planet. There were people who believed they were the superior race and brought in their own little Xenocentric organizations. First contact with another sapient species, went peaceful, they were nomadic fleet who had lost their homeworld to an known enemy, the Key'sar Empire. Events began to unravel and truths began to come before the light. The Empire was getting closer and closer to the Sol System. Colonies that were being founded along the borders were no longer safe, however the colonists refused to leave.

With the help of this Nomadic fleet, they formed the Sol Alliance, increasing their technological and medical technologies ten fold. The Odyssey was one of the first Exploration and Warship of its class, the Terran Class Heavy Carrier. Its sister class was known as the Austria Class Super Carrier, and later the Scythian Class Dreadnaught(Named after the Nomadic Fleet Race.) Meanwhile, in the dark was the Human Xenocentric Organization, simply aliased Grey Sect.


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